Hazard of electromagnetic wave radiation

At 7th, May of 1999, PRC State Environmental Protection Administration announced£ºelectromagnetic wave radiation will be harmful for humanity. It is the forth environmental pollution after water, atmosphere, noise pollution. Recently, this hazard has been continuously reported by our domestic and oversea media. Every year there are 400 children has got leukemia in Italy, and China birth data shows 350,000 children are defect in 20 million baby, among them 250.000 baby’s defect show they are mental disabilities. Experts say, one of the factor to cause these deseases is eletromagnetic radiation. In our daily life, computer, mobile phone, microwave oven, induction cooker, TV, fridge all give radiation, and harmful to our health, they are the hidden killer to our body and mind health.  

According to some government research, many civil architectures and commercial buildings’s inside room radiation pollution degree are 2 – 5 times than outside. The heavy radiation pollution is caused by office automation appliance, microwave oven, TV, computer, mobile,,,,,etc. Those radiation greatly effect human health. According to interior decoration associaton enviromental monitoring center expects, there are 7 hazards by electromagnetic radiation

Highly possible to cause childhood leukemia; After Italy expects’s study, they consider the most important factor of 400 children get leukemia every year is too close to high-tension cable, and they are heavy polluted by the electromagnetic radiation. Medical research proves, long stay in high electromagnetic radiation environment, it will change the content of blood, lymph and cellular plasm.
2. Induce cancer and speed up cancer cell proliferation; Electromagnetic radiation will Effect humanity’s functions of cyclic system, immunity, reprodutcion and metabolism. What is more serious that it may induce cancer and speed up cancer cell proliferation. Swiss research data point out, the residents who lives around high-tension cable will get breast cancer degree 7.4 times higher than normal place people. Cancer Research Fund of Texas, USA has made a swabs taken research on patient who suffered by eletromagnetic and it proved: The workers who worked nearby high-tension cable has got cancer cells grow up speed 24 times than normal people.
3. Effect humanity genital system, display as: spermatozoon diminution of quality, natural abortion of pregnant woman and fetal deformation

4. Cause children mental disabilities, effect children’s tissues and bone growth;

Effect humanity cardiovascular system, easy feel heart-throb, insomnia, paramenia and decline immune function; If patient who has cardiac pacemaker and lives near high voltage electromagnetic radiation environment, it will effect the function pacemaker.

Effect to vision system, display as decline eye slight, what’s bad it may induce cataracta; High eletromagnetic radiation will effect or ruin body’s orginal bioelectric current and organisms. It’s worth noting that eletromagnetic radiation endurance will be different for different people and sane people in different age level. Old people, children, pregant woman are electromagnetic radiation sensitive people.

Speed up skin aging and coarse;  Fully Clear your face and continuously watch TV two hours, then use white towel to clean your face, there must be some black things. This is the radiation ionize the dust, and dust has attached to face. It is easy to cause sebum metabolism difficulty, whelk, increase sedimentation of melanin.

Knowledge of Electromagnetic Radiation

1. Principle of  electromagnetic radiation harzard

Electromagnetic wave is produced because of electric current, where there is current there will be electromagnetic wave, therefore there is electromagnetic radiation. Human body is a conductor, it can absorb electromagnetic wave and digest part of electromagnetic wave. While other part that human body cannot digest, it will stay in body and react with cell, cause cancer cells increase quality, cause cells cytopathic effect…..etc.  If people long stays in high radiation enviornment, this will probable Happen.  If a normal person has 10 cancer cells, he long stays in high radiation environment, 10 cells will become 100 cancer cells, and he may not have cancer with 10 cells, while now it most probablities to have cancer.

Three effects of electromagnetic radiation harzard

Thermal effect
  1. Radiation could effect DNA genetic factor and cause genic mutation
  2. Cause Calcium separated out, blood coagulation, muscle contraction, while also badly effect brain, immunity functions and born grow up;
  3. Decrease melanocyte stimulating hormone’s secretory volume,  greatly increase the possibilities of cancer disease
Hackneyed prominent symptom:
Dizzy, headache,eyes dry and turgidity, neurasthenia, insomnia and dreaminess, anorexiam heat-throb, unnormal heart rate, and for women: paramenia, dry skin, dull-looking skin, pigmentation and Freckles, weakened immunity,  and it also has many hidden harzards.

2. Different kinds of radiation in daily life

6th, Aug 2001, China Consumers Association warm people: Should notice radiation protection in daily life! Expects point out: Electromagnetic radiation over 2mGs will be harmful for health!

Applicants Degree Applicants Degree Applicants Degree
Cleaner 200 Wireless telephone 200 Mobile 200
Electric shaver 100 Electric blanket 100 Microwave oven 200
Fax 40 Copycat 40 Computer 100
Electric cooker 40 Electric Iron 30 Hair drier 70
Fridge 20 Speaker 20 Washing machine 30
VCD 10 Air conditioner 20 TV 20
Remark MGs

Expect suggest childbearing couple: Stay away from radiation source, if conditon is not allowed, couple should use radiation protection product 3 months before they are planing to have child. Like: Radiation protection card.

3. Electromagnetic radiation protective methods

Distance method

“Radiation protective rules”  are most using distance for protective of radiation. It requires not to do any construction within 2.5m horizon range and 12m vertical distance away from residence wall
Sheilded method

Using some density metal net to stop electromagnetic wave intrude into human body, avoid radiation infringe upon to body.

In this way, it doesn’t eliminated electromagnetic radiation but reflect to other directions. It protects itself but harm to other people.
Absorbing method

Absoring material according to electromagnetic wave spread principle from lower porcelain to high porcelain. Using high porcelain material to absorb electromagnetic wave, through resonance, it absorb most of radiation energy and transfer it to heat energy.

The weakness is this kind of material is in high price and high technology.

Since radar is wide ranged used, all countries consider to use lower detective material. Absorbing coating due to wide frequency range, strong absorbing ability, high flexible, it has no limitation on shape, therefore it cannot effect warplanes  pneumatic military significants states.


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