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PMA Group at 120th Canton Fair

Nov 9, 2016
PMA Group at 120th Canton Fair
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PMA Group participated at the recent Canton Fair in Guang Zhou, China on 15th October 2016. The fair brought in up to 60 thousands local and overseas merchant and vendors, and attracted millions of traders and business owners around the world.

This year’s event focus mainly on new inventions and innovative creations. PMA group products received very well feedbacks with its one of a kind technology and cutting edge products, namely their PMA Phone Protection Case and PMA Radiation Protection Card, being the talk of the event.

Globally, people are starting to be more aware of the effects of radiation to our environment and human body. Environmental friendly and radiation products market has been uprising and accepted by the people into their daily lifestyle. Being the country’s frontier of anti radiation product, equipped with latest technology derived using the ‘absorbing’ and ‘shielding’ method, PMA products can effectively absorb the harmful radiation around us, providing us a better living environment.

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